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Eye doctor in Pembroke Pines

Eye Doctor Pembroke Pines is committed to giving you the best eye care services possible. Situated in Pembroke Pines, this center provides you highly experienced opticians, optometrists and skilled staff entirely devoted to your eye health. Our optometry doctors offer a whole range of optical services like vision, Lasik and vision exams, dry eye treatment and examination, contact lenses and eyeglasses. We can identify eye diseases and complications such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataract and retinal detachment. We assent most insurance policies and all new patients.


1. Adult And Pediatric Eye Care Exams

All patients above the age of 16 are tested for ocular disease, glaucoma, corrective needs and neurological ailments of the optical system. Testing is done by cutting-edge technology existing in the optometry specialty. After testing is concluded, time is set aside to examine the findings for appropriate discussions and diagnosis. Subsequently, the doctor analyses a personalized treatment procedure and gives guidance convenient to an individual’s lifestyle.

2. Dry Eyes

This is one of the supremely under-diagnosed illnesses that manifest in human eyes. For most people, this is a real problem. Just as its name suggests, the dry eye takes place once there are no adequate tears formed to keep the eye relaxed. Tears are required to have the eye working properly. If your eyes lack adequate water, they usually start drying up. Become itchy, irritated which eventually leads to permanent eye damage.
Aqueous and evaporative dry eye are two types of dry eye conditions that we discuss and treat. However, a majority of the cases we attend to are an evaporative dry eye. This takes place when glands underlying your eyelids are blocked. Eventually, this causes tears to evaporate for up to 16 times faster.

Aqueous deficiency is a much less prevalent kind of dry eye. In this case, not much water accesses your eye surface since your tears are deficient.


· Irritation, redness, scratchiness

· Difficulty fitting in contact lens

· Stinging or burning in your eyes

· Mucus around the eye

· Extreme tearing

3. Eye Conditions

Eye Doctor Pembroke treats an array of eye disorders varying from severe to mild. They include irritation, discomfort, and likely vision loss. To ensure your eyes are healthy, regular eye checkup is paramount. Eye examinations can identify a wide range of ailments allowing for timely management.

4. Eyewear Selection

Your optical requirements are just as peculiar as your identity. Your occupation, lifestyle, and habits must be put into consideration along with your optical capabilities to enable your eyewear to work optimally. As eye care professionals, we offer all kinds of lenses and treatments obtainable

5. Contact Lenses

For those who need corrective eyewear, contact lenses make a good alternative. They come in many forms, made from diverse materials and prepared for a wide range of wear. We have a wide array of lenses on offer. They include disposable, extended, and specialties wear which alter the shade of your eyes. Our staff will be pleased to provide expert consultation.

6. Ortho K

Would you like to have a perfect sense of vision for all your hobbies? If you’re tired of replacing your contact lenses and do not want to risk permanent damage resulting from Lasik, then we have a suitable alternative. Ortho-K is a new type of contact lenses allowing you to sleep and wake up with perfect vision. Our experts can fit patients of all ages with this new wave of technology. This technology has achieved remarkable success without pain or discomfort.…


Five health benefits of colon cleansing

Colon cleansing is a therapy that aims at ridding the colon of toxins and fecal matter accumulated there. According to people who use it regularly – and who often go to great lengths to get it – as well the alternative medicine practitioners who offer it, colon cleansing does provide some health benefits.

Solution to Common guts ailments

Many other stomach problems that would otherwise be associated with various micro-organisms are also addressed by colon cleansing. The later is because, apparently, a belly in which fecal matter has accumulated makes a very comfortable living environment for most of the pathogens for thriving in – with the pathogens so resident in person going on to cause various diseases in him or her.

So we end up with a situation where although colon cleansing is a ‘physiological’ treatment, it goes beyond addressing ‘physiological illnesses’ like constipation, and even addresses stomach problems said to be caused by pathogens.

Reinvigorating the person on whom it is performed.

In other words, after a colon cleansing session, you are likely to find yourself feeling more energetic, and thus more inclined to ‘get things done.’ It would seem that the accumulation of toxins that colon cleansing gets rid of tends to sap the person in whom they are accumulated of energy. This is, of course, a situation which colon cleansing reversed, thus restoring power to the user.

Skin rejuvenation

222uytA person having colon cleansing performed on them is likely to start noticing that their skin is getting livelier within days of getting the procedure performed. It would seem that the accumulation of toxins inside the colon has the effect of interfering with the surface appearance, a situation which colon cleansing reverses. The effect that colon cleansing has on the skin is seen as evidence of the benefits that the procedure has on other organs in the body.

Sustainable weight loss

It would seem that the accumulation of the toxins that colon cleansing rids one of is a primary cause behind some cases of unhealthy weight. As such, it becomes nigh impossible to lose such weight without getting rid of those toxins, which is exactly what colon cleansing does. Indeed, there have been cases of people who struggled all their lives with various weight issues, individuals who had all but given up on the hope of ever regaining a healthy weight, but who came to find a lasting solution to their weight problems with the best colon cleanse program for weight loss colon cleansing.

Improve Arthritis

333kiuResearch has linked arthritis to digestive system disorders like inflammatory bowel disease. This is why the proponents of colon cleansing treatment believe that a waste build-up in the colon will contribute to the toxins in the arthritic tissue, and cleanse it will improve the symptoms of this disorder.…