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Four Health Benefits Of having An Enema

It is one of the ‘in things,’ Movie Stars, Sportsmen even Politicians are talking about having an Enema, but what is it, is it healthy, is it pleasurable? It is the cleansing of the colon and large intestine using special enema kits. It involves the injection of a solution into the rectum to soften the feces, distends the colon and rectum, and thereby cause the natural emptying of the bowel.

Although it is all the fashion at the moment, it is one of the oldestadxfvzsdfdfasd medical procedures and has been practiced by most cultures throughout history. In fact, it is only within the last fifty years that the regular practice of enemas has decreased, this mainly by the onslaught of chemical enema’s and laxatives from the pharmaceutical industry. The use of enema’s today can be broadly split into two areas, one for medical and health reasons, the other for pleasure and erotic practices.

Health benefits of Enema

Eliminates body toxins

Among its most notable features are the colon are the absorption of water and minerals, and the formation and elimination of feces, so if your colon is blocked it cuts down or stops these functions. A recent survey showed after surgery where the colon was examined; there was on average over a pound of undigested or impacted meat in the colon. Meat that was unable to move, and consequently, it rotted and released poisons into the blood stream. Not a good idea so by use of diet or other procedures keeping the colon clean helps maintain a healthy body.

Elliminates constipation

An unhealthy diet lacking in dietary fibers is not the only reason for constipation sometimes; irregular bowel movement causes the problem. Food and fecal matter are mobilized through the digestive system using wavelike movements known as peristalsis. When cleansing the digestive tract, proper functioning is restored making the process of elimination faster and easier.

Ideal for weight loss

qawdqwdsdvcFASDAmazingly, accumulated fecal matter in your colon could weigh as much as thirty pounds so you could just imagine how much weight you would be able to lose just by Enema. Not only is this procedure beneficial to those who want to lose weight, but also to those who want to maintain their ideal weight.

Healthy skin

An enema can also boost your confidence because it can make your skin healthier and clearer. Toxins in the body could accumulate, and it will show with the dullness of your skin so for a healthy-looking skin, work for a healthy colon first.…