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Types of water filters

Water is amongst the most remarkable liquid on earth. To survive, plants and animals need water. One can survive without food for some days or weeks. This is because your body is able to switch to using stored proteins and fat to build energy, but its impossible to survive without water. Cutting off water supply into your body would lead to death within days. If there is no water, then there would be no life. Your body needs 2.4 liters of water every day to keep the body healthier.

Water being this crucial to the body, it’s always important to drink it when it’s clean, tasty and pure from002 organic diseases. That’s one reason why people spend more money in water filters. Water filters help remove harmful impurities. They usually use two different methods of removing dirt. Chemical filtration which involves allowing water to pass through an active material that gets rid of impurities chemically. The other method is physical filtration. In this technique, water is strained to remove large impurities. They are several types of water filters. They include


Active carbon

It is the most common household water filter based on charcoal. It is also known as pre-filter or carbon filter. They are normally responsible for removing large particles like silt and sediment from water. They work by absorbing and attracting these particles so that they are no longer available in the water that comes out through the faucet. Charcoal is perfect in removing heavy metals, common impurities, nitrates, sodium, microbes or fluorine. Active carbon filters make sure the end-result has less odor and also has a much better taste. The main advantage is that the filter finally clogs up with impurities and have to be replaced. This method is commonly considered in most homesteads.


Reverse osmosis

It is typically the most effective method within a household if used as a multi-filtration system when combining active carbon and particle filtration. Reverse osmosis is preferred in dissolving element salts in water. This type of filter method is incredibly popular in that; it has the power to get rid of all sorts of contaminants that can be a risk to your health and ensure the end-result is odor free and clear.


UV filters

003It is one of the newest technologies of water filtration on the market. It uses ultraviolet radiation to treat water and has the ability to destroy bacteria that can be harmful to your body. This method does not need additional heat or chemicals in order to be effective. It’s more environmentally friendly technique of purifying your water.…